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Ushuaia - Unforgettable Adventures at the End of the World

Set in one of the most magical places imaginable; where the towering peaks of the Andes meet crystal clear ocean waters, Ushuaia is quite simply a natural wonderland. Go trekking in the beautiful Tierra del Fuego National Park, walk with penguins on Martillo Island, or take a stunning boat trip through the Beagle Channel. Our tours in Ushuaia have something for every type of traveller.

  1. US$47
    Tierra Del Fuego National Park Tour Sale

    Ride the famous train to the End of the World, explore the Magellanic subpolar forests, and uncover wonderfully serene glacial lakes on this fascinating tour across mystical Tierra del Fuego.

    Regular Price: US$47

    Special Price US$39

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  2. Climb aboard and enjoy a stunning boat trip from Ushuaia through the Beagle Channel and explore Ushuaia’s breath-taking coastal landscapes and local maritime wildlife on this fantastic Ushuaia boat tour!

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  3. US$239
    Gable Island Trekking Tour with Penguins Sale

    Book this exclusive adventure tour in Ushuaia, Argentina! A half-day walking tour through breathtaking landscapes. Get the chance to walk with a colony of Magellanic penguins amongst some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery of Tierra del Fuego. It’s an unmissable experience!

    Regular Price: US$239

    Special Price US$209

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  4. Book this beautiful tour to the magnificent Escondido and Fagnano Lakes near Ushuaia in Argentina and enjoy a tranquil day out on the shores of the gigantic, crystal clear Patagonian lakes!

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  5. US$162
    Complete Summer Tour in Ushuaia Sale

    Spend an extraordinary day sightseeing in Patagonia with this Complete Summer Tour in Ushuaia. Combine some of the top attractions on a fun full day excursion!

    Regular Price: US$162

    Special Price US$142

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  6. Take the most emblematic tour in Ushuaia during your cruise stop in Argentina’s southernmost city. Book this Shore Excursion and visit the beautiful Tierra del Fuego National Park and the End of the World Railway.

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  7. US$298
    Beagle Channel Cruise and Walk with Penguins Sale

    Come sail along the Beagle Channel and explore its fascinating islands. Stop at one and walk with penguins, and visit the famous Harberton Estancia and is amazing museum.

    Regular Price: US$298

    Special Price US$259

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  8. Azure lakes, verdant forests, and snow-capped mountains together make Tierra del Fuego one of the most exhilarating travel destinations in the world. To enjoy its astonishing beauty up close, book this 4x4 Off-road Expedition.

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  9. Travel to Estancia Harberton near Ushuaia by boat. Experience the magic and beauty of Tierra del Fuego and the Patagonian wildlife in Argentina on this unforgettable full-day Ushuaia boat tour!

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  10. Discover the magnificent Emerald Lagoon, a sparkling green lake tucked into a valley of the Fuegian Andes. Get there on a guided hiking tour through spectacular landscapes for an unforgettable experience in Ushuaia.

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  11. If you are looking for an adventure tour for your vacation in Ushuaia, look no further. Book this Vinciguerra Glacier Trek for a unique opportunity to go ice trekking and explore ice caves amid the glacial landscapes of Tierra del Fuego!

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  12. Pedal through dirt trails while admiring lakes, forests and mountains. See the best of Tierra del Fuego National Park with this Ushuaia bike tour!

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  13. Enjoy an unforgettable adventure at the end of the world! Explore the stunning nature of the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Canoeing and hiking near the city of Ushuaia. Actively explore the only National Park in Argentina that combines sea, rivers, mountains and forests: the National Park of Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia, Argentina.

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  14. Want to explore the beautiful coastlines and landscapes surrounding Ushuaia on a thrilling day out? Book this thrilling 4x4 Off Road Adventure and explore Patagonia’s stunning shorelines and travel off the beaten track!

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  15. Discover Ushuaia and its dramatic mountains, valleys and lakes from a different angle. Take a helicopter flight to see the natural beauty at the southern tip of Argentina from the air!

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  16. Delight your eyes with amazing panoramic views over the Patagonian landscapes. See Ushuaia from above with this amazing aeroplane tour!

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  17. Discover unspoilt areas of Ushuaia’s surroundings with this half-day aerial tour, including a helicopter flight, boat cruise, short hike and lunch. Book online now!

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  18. North of the city of Ushuaia you can see a group of mountains topped by a thick layer of snow. That white blanket is the top of the Martial Glacier, a stunning natural phenomenon that you can ice trek across on thisMartial Glacier Trek. Book this amazing experience online.

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  19. Go on a nocturnal tour through the snow in Valle Tierra Mayor. Eat dinner around a campfire in a mountain refuge. All included in this Snow and Fire winter tour in Ushuaia!

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  20. Get ready for an unforgettable winter holiday in Ushuaia. Book this Snow Adventure Tour to experience the best winter activities in Patagonia, including sledding, snow trekking and a snowmobile ride. Transfers and lunch included.

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  21. Spend a day at a spectacular estancia on the shore of Lake Fagnano. Explore the scenic landscapes of Ushuaia with fun winter activities, including quad biking, horse riding and hiking. Includes a delicious home-cooked lunch! Book this Estancia Fueguina Day Tour now.

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  22. Ushuaia is the perfect winter vacation destination thanks to its exciting snow activities. Join this Complete Winter Tour in Ushuaia for a full-day excursion visiting the best winter attractions in the Tierra del Fuego region in Argentina. Transfers and guide included!

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  23. Travelling to Ushuaia Airport? Book a roundtrip airport transfer service from Ushuaia Airport (USH) to your hotel with this fast, easy and stress-free way to arrange your Ushuaia airport pick-up and drop-off service.

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  24. US$181
    Ushuaia-Exclusive-Package Sale

    An extraordinary place like Ushuaia will inspire your imagination. Discover all of its wonders by booking an Exclusive Package at the End of the World. Enjoy a unique experience with some of the most impressive tours and activities in Ushuaia!

    Regular Price: US$181

    Special Price US$163

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  25. US$357
    Ushuaia-Complete-Package Sale

    This full tour package in Ushuaia includes the most popular tours amongst travellers looking for a unique experience at the End of the World. Explore the Antarctic landscapes, discover the wild forests and Magellanic wildlife.

    Regular Price: US$357

    Special Price US$315

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  26. US$112
    Ushuaia-Basic-Package Sale

    This Basic Package deal combines the tours that you need to do to say that you visited the End of the World. The two most unmissable travel activities plus airport transfers, giving you extra security and comfort during your travels, this vacation package in Argentina is a must. Book now!

    Regular Price: US$112

    Special Price US$101

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  27. US$314
    End of the World Package: El Calafate & Ushuaia Sale

    Journey to the End of the World to see some of the most breathtaking treasures of Southern Patagonia. Visit two of the most spectacular destinations in Argentina: El Calafate, home to the famous Perito Moreno Glacier, and Ushuaia, the city at the end of the world. Book this tour package, which includes two excursions in each destination, plus two roundtrip airport transfers. What are you waiting for? Travel to Argentina and spend your vacation in one of the most spectacular places on the planet!

    Regular Price: US$314

    Special Price US$279

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