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Salta - The Wild Northwest

Home to beautiful tree-lined plazas, exquisitely preserved colonial architecture, and a vibrant nightlife scene, sophisticated Salta is the gem of Argentina’s northwest. The city, worth a visit in its own right, is also the best place from which to explore the region’s many wondrous cultural delights - Salinas Grandes, Quebrada de Humahuaca, Cafayate, and San Antonio de los Cobres are all close by. Discover them all with Argentina4u.

  1. Salinas Grandes, Quebrada del Toro, Cerro de los Siete Colores and explore the majestic landscapes of Argentina’s northwest on this magnificent full-day tour from Salta. Nature in all its glory.

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  2. Discover more of Argentina’s Northern Province of Salta by taking this Cafayate day tour. Travel from Salta to Cafayate and enjoy this great guided tour to Cafayate and its surrounding areas.

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  3. US$69
    Quebrada-de-Humahuaca-Day-Tour Sale

    Book this exciting day tour from Salta to some of Argentina’s most spectacular landscapes; in the Quebrada de Humahuaca. An unforgettable Salta excursion through the colourful landscapes of Jujuy’s mountain ravine, Quebrada de Humahuaca.

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    Special Price US$57

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  4. Experience northern Argentina from one of the highest railways in the world: the Train to the Clouds. Reach dizzying heights while discovering the magic of Salta and Jujuy!

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  5. Book this beautiful Salta tour to the small city of Cachi in the Province of Salta in Northern Argentina. Discover the Incan and Colonial roots of Argentina along with breath-taking views of the Los Cardones National Park and its surroundings.

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  6. US$131
    High Altitude Wine Tour Salta

    Argentina’s best wines aren’t all from Mendoza. Taste some of the best high altitude wines from Cafayate in the north of the country with this excellent wine tour from Salta.

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  7. Visit the small town of San Antonio de los Cobres with this Salta tour that will take you to discover solitary high altitude terrain with authentic Andean villages and stunning views. Book this full day San Antonio de los Cobres tour now!

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  8. If you think it’s impossible to touch the sky, this Safari to the Clouds will convince you otherwise. Book this fabulous tour from Salta now and discover the very best attractions in Argentina’s stunning north-western provinces.

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  9. In Salta, mankind and nature have combined perfectly to create a wealth of stunning attractions. On this Safari to La Polvorilla, you can uncover the region’s exquisite landscapes and beautifully-preserved prehistoric cultures.

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  10. Safari to the Clouds and Humahuaca promises untold travel adventures in Salta and Jujuy: a tour brimming with spectacular landscapes, rustic rural villages, and authentic Andean culture. Book online now.

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  11. From Valle de Lerma to Cafayate, and everything in between: Safari Route 40 will show you the astonishing beauty of Salta province with a journey along one of the most photogenic routes in South America. Book now.

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  12. With this mountain bike tour you will get to know The Yungas (jungle) of Salta and its mountain passes, depending on the circuit your choose. Make the most of your holiday to Salta by enjoying the nature of the region with an adventurous activity.

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  13. Make the most of your holiday in Salta and get up close with the wild nature of The Yungas. Enjoy an offroad adventure with this full day jungle tour aboard a jeep!

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  14. Salta is an ideal place for adventure tourism. Surprise yourself with its natural landscapes, go rafting on the River Juramento and ziplining between treetops. Book now!

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  15. Enjoy the very best of the city of Salta on this wonderful Salta City half-day tour. Explore the beauty of Salta and discover for yourself why the city is known as ‘Salta, la Linda’, or ‘Salta The Beautiful’.

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  16. Want to learn about the regional cuisine of Northern Argentina? Find out how to cook dishes and immerse yourself in the culture of Salta with this Salta gastronomic experience!

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  17. Experience Salta through its traditions: folklore, dancing and singing. Feel the energy of the region and lose yourself in the peñas and landscapes of this magical place, with a folkloric tour of Salta!

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  18. Are you travelling to Salta in Argentina? Book a roundtrip airport transfer service with us and get to and from Salta Airport and your hotel in downtown Salta, quickly, safely and without hassle.

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  19. US$128
    Salta Classic Package Sale

    Discover one of the most beautiful provinces in Argentina by booking this Salta Classic Tour Package online. Tour the city in search of the history of this particular city full of treasures, visit Andean valleys filled with magic and fine wines and rise to the top of mountains where you touch the clouds. Optional Transfers from Airport to Hotel!

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    Special Price US$115

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    Salta Authentic Package Sale

    Discover the most spectacular attractions in northwest Argentina with this Salta Authentic Package - a smart and cost-effective way to enrich your travel experience. Optional Transfers from Airport to Hotel!

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    Special Price US$176

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